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Achieve Fluency in English for Academic,
Professional and Personal Growth
with Eduvisors.

Our team of experienced SRO’s is dedicated to helping you achieve fluency in English, whether for academic, professional or personal purposes.

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Preferred English Proficiency Test to Study Abroad

Eduvisors offers personalized services for English fluency, whether for academics, profession, or personal reasons.










Why Choose Eduvisors?

Priority Processing

Eduvisors assists students in selecting colleges, completing applications, tests, essay writing, financial aid, and more, helping them reach their goals and find the best option for them.

Global Recognition

Eduvisors is a certified agency offering advice, service, info, and resources to help student clients make informed decisions. Our expertise ensures the right educational choices.

A Successful Team

Eduvisors provides reliable educational consulting. Our experienced advisors guarantee fair, ethical services, delivering the best results.

Trusted by World-Renowned Universities

Eduvisors is an expert educational consultancy providing exceptional support for students studying abroad around the world.

Personalized Assistance for Students

Eduvisors provides personalized help for students who want to study abroad. We give custom guidance on choosing the right destination, help with visas, and plan finances.

We can help you with

Our Services

We offer personalized services to ensure each student receives the best possible support for their individual needs.

Customized one-on-one tutoring

Supportive and inclusive learning environment

English Proficiency Test

IELTS Coaching

Language Preparation

The Process

Simple Steps to Success

You Really Decide to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a great option for all levels of students, including mature students with family, as it offers world class education, a multicultural campus, international exposure, and the potential to settle abroad in the future.

Book an Appointment

Our team is available to provide tailored advice and guidance to help you navigate the process of going abroad, no matter your background or desired destination.

Follow Instructions

Our two-way service provides a viable plan to complete a process in 4-6 months, but requires the customer to provide the necessary documents and follow instructions in order to ensure success.

Congrats! Meet with new you!

Eduvisors has a success rate of over 90% for obtaining visas, allowing customers to start their desired journey with ease.

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Looking to Prepare for an English Proficiency Test?

Our experienced instructors can help you develop the skills and strategies needed to succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our test preparation services and schedule a consultation with one of our instructors.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Eduvisors offers​​ test preparation​​ services for​​ the IELTS (International​​ English Language​​ Testing System​​), PTE Academic​​ (Pearson Test​​ of English Academic​​) and Duolingo, OIETC exams.​

Eduvisors offers a free IELTS mock test for our student clients. There are various online resources available for English proficiency test preparation, such as free practice tests.

We offer test preparation services for a variety of English proficiency exams, including the IELTS, Duolingo, OIETC, and PTE.

  1. Research the specific test requirements and format.
  2. Practice with a friend or join a study group.
  3. Use available online resources, such as free practice tests and study materials.
  4. Focus on improving your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the test structure and question types.
  6. Manage your time effectively during the test.

To get started with Eduvisors, contact us today to learn more about our test preparation services and schedule a consultation with one of our SRO's.

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