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What is the GoGlobal Quiz?

The GoGlobal Quiz is an innovative initiative by Eduvisors tailored for students planning to study abroad. It is an engaging quiz that offers students the chance to win cash prizes while also fostering a dynamic learning experience around key aspects of studying abroad.

By navigating through the quiz, students not only compete for rewards but also absorb crucial information vital for studying abroad. Beyond the prizes, the quiz helps students build connections with others interested in global education, enhancing their international perspective.

The quiz is open to all prospective study abroad students, not just those affiliated with Eduvisors. It aims to make the process of studying abroad more exciting and rewarding by offering knowledge, connections, and prizes. Overall, the GoGlobal quiz tries to inject more vibrancy and exploration into students' study abroad journeys.

GoGlobal Logo

GoGlobal Quiz Prize

To entice and motivate participants, we will award cash prizes to the top three performers of the quiz competition.


How to Join?

Online Registration

Start by signing up for the quiz by filling out the registration form.

Get Confirmation Mail

After registration, you will receive confirmation via email.

Prepare Yourself

Make yourself ready for the quiz.

Start the quiz at the
scheduled time

Initiate the quiz promptly as per the scheduled time.

Who Can Join?

To qualify for the GoGlobal Quiz Competition, students must meet the following requirements:

Minimum Academic Background

Participants must possess a minimum academic qualification to be eligible for study abroad.

Valid Passport

A valid passport is mandatory for participation.

English Proficiency

Participants must hold an English proficiency certificate, such as IELTS, MOI, or equivalent or demonstrate clear steps taken towards securing one.

University Offer Letter

Students should either possess an offer letter from an overseas university or demonstrate clear steps taken towards securing one.

Who Cannot Join?

People included under the following criteria cannot join the Quiz

Non-Prospective Applicants

Individuals not pursuing studies abroad are ineligible.

Study Abroad Counselors

Those who are currently employed as study-abroad counselors are excluded.

Associates of Study Abroad Profession

Individuals with direct associations in the study abroad professions are not permitted to participate.

Key Benefits of GoGlobal Quiz

With the GoGlobal Quiz, learn about a world of essential knowledge covering the key requirements for studying abroad:

Cash Reward

Win enticing cash rewards while exploring your study abroad path through GoGlobal Quiz.

Learning experience

Learn important information about university entry, academic needs, housing, work opportunities, and more about studying abroad.


Connect with like-minded individuals, building a global network that broadens your perspective and enhances your educational expedition.

Take the opportunity to engage in this insightful quiz to clear up confusions you may have as you navigate through your your study abroad journey.

Important Details about the Quiz.

This quiz is worth a total of 2000 points, with an opportunity to earn additional bonuses. Receive 200 bonus points upon securing an offer letter through Eduvisors, and an extra 50 bonus points for presenting an official and valid English proficiency certificate, including but not limited to IELTS, OIETC, PTE, TOEFL, Duolingo, and more. The remainder of the points can be earned by successfully answering quiz questions.

Quiz type

MCQ Test

Total Question


Quiz time

40 minutes

Total points


Quiz Topics

Embark on a knowledge-rich journey as our quiz unfolds across 9 captivating topics. Your success in the quiz is intricately tied to your depth of understanding in each area. Dive into the intricacies of these subjects, exploring the comprehensive details provided under each topic title below. To amplify your comprehension, seize the opportunity to expand your insights further by clicking on the 'Read More' link located at the end of each paragraph. This deliberate and immersive approach guarantees not only a firm grasp of the fundamental concepts but also an exploration of the nuanced dimensions within each theme. Elevate your quiz experience by engaging in this enriching exploration of knowledge.

Fundamental Criteria

Fundamental things to understanding the basic eligibility for pursuing education abroad.

Read more

Entry Conditions for University

Basic prerequisites to gain admission into desired universities.

Learn more

Academic Requirements

Essential educational standards and qualifications are necessary for enrollment.

Learn more

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

SOP is a key element in applications, demonstrating one's intent and aspirations.

Learn more

Residence Options

Important for planning accommodation during the study period.

Learn more

Post-Study Work (PSW)

Knowledge of future work prospects after completing education abroad.

Learn more

Part-Time Employment

Understanding opportunities for work alongside studies.

Read more

Career Opportunities

Insight into potential pathways and prospects after graduation.

Read more

Eduvisors Resources

Supportive materials and resources are provided by Eduvisors to aid in the entire process.

Read more

Resources of Eduvisors

Explore a wealth of resources provided by Eduvisors to enrich your study abroad journey. Here’s what you can access:

Eduvisors Study Grant

Eduvisors Study Grant

Introducing the 'Eduvisors Study Grant' worth 𝟏,𝟎𝟎𝟎,𝟎𝟎𝟎/- 𝐓𝐞𝐧 𝐋𝐚𝐜 𝐁𝐃𝐓. For higher study, if you apply through Eduvisors between January 1st, 2024, and January 30th, 2025, you have a chance to win this grant. To know more about Eduvisors Study Grant

Click here
Eligibility Test Calculator

Eligibility Test Calculator

Check your eligibility for studying abroad by utilizing our 'Eligibility Test Calculator.' Click here to uncover your eligibility potential.

Click here
Study Abroad Cost Calculator

Study Abroad Cost Calculator

Estimate your study abroad costs effortlessly with our 'Study Abroad Cost Calculator.' Follow this link to plan your study expenses.

Click here
CGPA Calculator

CGPA Calculator

Explore our CGPA Calculator, the convenient way to convert your CGPA to the German Grading System Visit us here to calculate your grade point average.

Click here
Facebook Group

Facebook Group

You will get regular updates on scholarship opportunities, study abroad-related insights, and the latest news. Stay informed and connected by becoming a part of our community. Click the link to join now and stay up-to-date with valuable information!

Click here

Eduvisors is committed to providing comprehensive assistance and support at every stage of your study abroad endeavor. Stay connected with us for valuable insights and guidance!

Nasima Begum Education Fund

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by Eduvisors

Nasima Begum Education Fund

In remembrance of Nasima Begum, who lived as a caring mother and a great believer of humanity. Her neighbours, friends, and relatives all genuinely loved and respected her. She was especially caring to the orphans and needy people.

In honour of her last wish, we are offering 5000 BDT as “Nasima Begum Education Fund” every month to the meritorious students.

Supported By the University of Wolverhampton

The University of Wolverhampton, with a rich history over 180 years of academic excellence and opportunity, which is based in Birmingham. We are supported by the University of Wolverhampton for the exciting GoGlobal Quiz.

Supported By the University of Wolverhampton

Frequently Asked Question

GoGlobal Quiz Competition is an engaging contest for prospective students aspiring to study abroad, offering cash prizes and educational insights about the international education journey.

Registration is simple. Keep an eye out for our official Facebook Page or Website, and click on the provided registration link. Follow the registration steps and provide the required information.

The quiz competition is open to all prospective students who aspire to study abroad. Please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned on the registration page.

If you face any technical difficulties during registration, please contact our support team at +880 1744-917996, and we will assist you promptly.

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