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CGPA Calculator - Convert Your CGPA to the German Grading System

Welcome to our CGPA calculator, where you can easily convert your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) to the German Grading System. Understanding how your academic achievements translate in different educational systems is essential, especially if you plan to pursue further studies abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using our CGPA Calculator is easy; enter your grade, maximum CGPA, and minimum CGPA into the calculator tool on our website. The calculator will automatically compute your CGPA based on the provided information.

Yes, our CGPA Calculator is designed to accommodate various grading systems used in different educational institutions. You can select the appropriate grading scale from the options provided.

Yes, the CGPA Calculator can be used for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Simply input the relevant grades and credit hours for the courses you are currently pursuing.

Our CGPA Calculator is programmed to provide accurate results based on the information you input. It performs the necessary calculations according to standard CGPA formulas and grading scales.

Yes, while the CGPA is a cumulative measure, you can still use the calculator to calculate your GPA for individual semesters. However, the cumulative CGPA will reflect your overall performance up to the current semester.

Yes, we value your privacy and ensure that any data you input into the CGPA Calculator is treated securely and in accordance with our privacy policy. Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties.

To convert percentage to GPA, use the formula GPA = (Percentage/100) x Maximum GPA or consult a conversion table.

No, CGPA and GPA are not the same. CGPA has a scale of 0 to 10, while GPA determines a student's academic performance by averaging their scores in each subject.


Please be aware that the converted GPA from the CGPA Calculator is for informational purposes only. Official credential evaluation services are not provided by Eduvisors.

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