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Resources of Eduvisors

Resources Eduvisors

Eduvisors is a registered company in the United Kingdom with an operational base in Bangladesh. We specialize in international student recruitment services and strive to guide prospective Bangladeshi students aspiring to study abroad at world-renowned universities.

In doing so, we show them the world of possibilities through the lens of the most updated study abroad-related information. We help them make the best-informed decision regarding their future education abroad and career paths.

Study Abroad Process by Eduvisors

Study Abroad Consulting Service

Student Counselling

We provide personalized guidance and accurate information to help students make informed decisions about international education.

Universities Search and Selection

Once we receive your application, we’ll review your documents and support you through admission.

Application Process

We’ll help you apply to your desired universities by guiding you through the entire process, from filling out forms to submitting documents.

Part-time Job Assistance

We can help you find jobs that fit your schedule and skill set so you can focus on studying without worrying about finances.

Visa Application Process

We’ll help you through the student visa application process from start to finish, including providing a guide for you through each step.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Once accepted, we will organize an orientation to prepare you for your studies and connect you with other students.


We assist with accommodation to find safe and affordable housing options that fit your budget and lifestyle.

Airport pick-up

We offer airport pick-up services to ensure your arrival in your new country is stress-free and seamless.

Resources of Eduvisors for Prospective Students

Explore a wealth of resources Eduvisors provides to enrich your study abroad journey. Here’s what you can access

Eduvisors Study Grant

The ‘Eduvisors Study Grant,’ valued at 1,000,000/- Ten Lac BDT, has been introduced by Eduvisors for higher study purposes. Those who apply through Eduvisors between January 1st, 2024, and January 30th, 2025, stand a chance to win this grant. For further details on the Eduvisors Study Grant, individuals are encouraged to seek more information.

Eligibility Test Calculator

Prospective students can assess their eligibility for studying abroad by utilizing the ‘Eligibility Test Calculator’ provided by Eduvisors. Individuals can discover their potential eligibility for studying abroad by clicking on the link.

Study Abroad Cost Calculator

Eduvisors offers a user-friendly ‘Study Abroad Cost Calculator’ to assist in estimating study expenses abroad. Following the link, individuals can effortlessly plan and estimate their study expenses.

CGPA Calculator

Eduvisors provides a ‘CGPA Calculator,’ offering a convenient way to convert CGPA to the German Grading System. Using this tool, interested individuals can visit the provided link to calculate their grade point average.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by Eduvisors

In remembrance of Nasima Begum, who lived as a caring mother and a great believer in humanity. Her neighbors, friends, and relatives all genuinely loved and respected her. She was especially caring to the orphans and needy people.

In honor of her last wish, we offer 5000 BDT monthly as the “Nasima Begum Education Fund” to meritorious students.

Eduvisors offers a range of invaluable tools and opportunities for aspiring students. From the generous ‘Eduvisors Study Grant to calculators aiding in eligibility assessment, study cost estimation, and CGPA conversion, Eduvisors is dedicated to empowering and supporting students in their higher education endeavors. These resources are a testament to their commitment to making education more accessible and manageable for all.

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