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Top Five Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Students

Cheapest University in Canada
Check out our updated list of the top 5 cheapest universities for international students in Canada. Save money without sacrificing quality education.

Studying abroad for higher education is like a dream to many students. Students can explore foreign cultures and work environments while pursuing their dreams. Everyone wants to have a good life and Canada is a significant country for many students to chase their dreams.

Nowadays, accountabilities for international students are getting a remarkable expansion. ****Among a lot of destinations, Canada takes a strong stand significantly. Many international students come to Canada for higher education because of its welcoming atmosphere.

There are some cheapest universities in Canada for international students in 2023. There are also a few aspects that students must go through before they think about higher education.

These are-

  1. Location and city-related knowledge and advantages.
  2. Academic courses that are offered are related to that particular student’s study background.
  3. Job opportunities and facilities.
  4. Cost fees for those courses along with living and accommodation issues.
  5. Available scholarship opportunities.
  6. Campus facilities and activities.

Here are some cheapest universities in Canada that are welcoming international students. Let’s have a glance at these universities.

Five Cheapest Universities in Canada

Memorial University of Newfoundland:

This is mainly a public university. This was founded in September 1925 during the First World War. This is one of the biggest universities in Atlantic Canada. This university is famous for its maritime heritage and sharp research-based history. It belongs an excellent academic history that fascinates students highly for higher education.

University of Regina:

This is one of the cheapest universities in Canada. This is situated in the heart of the prairies. It actually offers innovative programs as well as a practical learning process and helps to provide students with a meaningful education process.

University of New Brunswick:

This university’s main focus is on research and entrepreneurship. It has 2 beautiful campuses in Fredericton and Saint John, New Brunswick. This has one of the oldest and largest English-language universities in Canada. This university provides top-class education and meaningful experiences.

Simon Fraser University:

This university has well well-recognized mountain-framed campus. They are highly dedicated to knowledge, innovation, and creativity. They always try to provide positive phenomena and strong aspects in society. This university always tries to benefit students with its excellence.

University of Northern British Columbia:

One of the top public universities in Prince Canada is open to international students. They provide world world-class education system. They belong to highly focused research and education functions.

Factors Influencing University Costs:

There are several factors that vary the costs of universities in Canada.

Program and discipline: The cost of courses can change depending on the program, labs, library access, and campus activities. Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. programs have different fee figures.

Location and province: Tuition fees vary with province status. Big cities might have higher living costs, accommodation costs, and flooding costs as well.

Campus facilities: Some Universities have advanced technology facilities. Research-based opportunities as well as operating costs. Both e-learning and traditional method is ongoing in these universities.

Financial Aid and Scholarships: Availability of scholarship, cost of education, cost of lodging facilities. Scholarships are an important factor here, if the scholarship is available then the cost gets minimized.

Exchange Rates: For higher studies international students are quite affected by currency exchange rates because this is directly affiliated with the cost of tuition fees and living expenses.

Cost Breakdown of Cheapest Universities:

There are different factors that affect the cost such as accommodation, program, transportation, and level of study.

Here is a draft estimation breakdown of costs for international students:

Tuition fees:

In Canada, tuition fees are usually costly. But these universities provide much cheaper costs than other universities. Mainly the tuition fee range in Canada is between CAD $10,000 – and CAD $ 20,000.  It is one of the most suitable factors for students to study abroad for International Students.

Cost of living:

In terms of Canada, there are several factors like accommodation costs, living costs, and personal expenses. Major cities always have high rates of expenses.

Accommodation CostsLiving Costs
Approx CAD $ 700- CAD $1000Approx CAD $ 500- CAD $ 600

Scholarship and financial aid opportunities:

Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • 150 RCAF Wing Memorial Scholarship
  • Affinity NL Scholarship
  • Donald M.Balsom Award
  • Baird Stephenson Scholarship
  • Baccalieu Trail Scholarship

University of Regina

  • SSHRC Doctoral Award Tri-Council
  • NSERC Doctoral Award
  • NATO Defence College Fellowship
  • CIHR Doctoral Award-Tri Council
  • CGS Master

University of New Brunswick

  • James A.Smith Memorial Scholarship
  • David G.Robinson Entrepreneurship Scholarship
  • Charles W. Marshall Music Achievement

Simon Fraser University

  • Schulich Leader Scholarship
  • The Bennett Family Entrance Scholarship
  • Tadeusz Specht Memorial Entrance

University of Northern British Columbia

  • Sarah E. Johnson Indigenous Achievement Scholarship
  • David M. Thompson Environmental Science Excellence Award
  • Emily R. McKenzie Northern Studies Bursary
  • William G. Turner Environmental Conservation.

Process of Application:

The application procedure encompasses several essential steps. To apply, you need to do a lot of things like research, choose the right program, gather all the documents, and pay the fees. Following the submission of applications, a patient waiting period for responses ensues. After accepting, you need to secure a visa, arrange accommodation, and prepare for your arrival.

Living Costs in Canada:

However, staying in Canada might be an expensive cost. But still, there is a good life prospect over there. Regarding accommodation costs, it might take CAD $ 500 to CAD $ 1300 per month, depending on location.

Food expenses might lead to CAD $ 200 to CAD $ 300 per month. Transportation costs might be  CAD $ 80 to CAD $ 130 per month. Health service is mandatory for international students and costs CAD $ 80 to CAD $ 100 per month. There are cell phone and internet bills also included, furthermore, entertainment and miscellaneous as well as books and supplies costs are also included.


The quality of education in these universities is good and they are highly appreciated for their service to students. These universities offer different types of job opportunities and career opportunities. They have great academic excellence.

Personal growth and enriching cultural experience. By pursuing these universities students can have their dreams and can have a good life as well. Students can embark on their study period.


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